Your Story, Part 3

Yay, back at it again.
14: This will be a short one, but it’s all the same. If you’re here, you have +1 strength and you earn my respecc, for your protecc-tion

When you finally collapse onto the ground, a person looks down on you. You assume this is Scruff and roll over, getting up as you do so. “Thank you so much for helping him out.” He glares at the boy, and he quickly chimes in, “Yes, thank you!” Although he has no idea what happened because he was knocked out.

Suddenly, his face shifts from a peaceful look to a sad look. “It saddens me to say this, but can you help me on a little errand?”

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He makes me a cup of strong tea. A heavenly aroma wafts up, the fragrance stunning. I take a sip, and an explosion of flavor results. A sort of jasmine taste with that hint of sugar. This is the monumental breaking point of Vesteria—the food tastes godly. The cup, made of smooth china, feels hot against my hands. A shudder runs through me. I put it down, and ask, “So, what did you want to ask me?” I say, warming my hands by putting them over the tea.

“Ah.” Scruff says, flattening a wrinkle on his green shirt. “I’ll keep this blunt, and leave the details out. Could you gather two chicken eggs for me?” I’ve heard of this quest. In 2nd vesterian grade, we did a project, and this quest was considered the easiest. The other was slaying some baby shrooms, but that was long ago. I nod and grab my backpack, which I had left on a mahogany bench with a velvet, cushiony frame. I sling it over my shoulder, one strap hanging loosely. I quickly walk out and scan the surroundings. There’s usually some to the left side of the house, according to some extensive research I had done late at night that I remember, like it had been embedded into me. I walk out and see a chicken.

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“Of course!” You say, bobbing your head up and down. You take out your stick and demonstrate your resolve by accidentally whacking yourself in the face. The mayor winces, inclining his head slightly. You take a leisurely walking pace, your boots making a clopping sound against the gravelly asphalt. You accidentally fall into a hole, kicking up dust.

“Ow…” You say, embarrassed of your blunder. You look left and see a blue steel chest that fiercely gleams, reflecting shafts of light on your face. You blink and then gasp in realization. You pound it open, shards of blue steel and wood flying. You nearly get a splinter, but it’s worth it. A wooden sword lies on the floor. You pick it up and you can tell a scroll has been used on it. You pick it up and hold the polished handle. It’s light as a feather, but you can tell it does serious damage. To test it out, you take a swing at a nearby tree. It cleaves through the wood like butter, toppling the tree on its left side, sending birds and an owl flying. It crashes down on a chicken. Oops.

Go to 18.

You dive at it, throwing up a flurry of slashes. It clucks loudly and hobbles away on one foot, the other bruised. You feel bad for it, but with grim determination, you kill it, and it drops one convenient egg. You pick it up, feeling the smooth texture. Stashing it away, you take out your humble stick again. After beating up two more chickens, you gather 2 eggs, both marble-like. You pick up a few feathers for good measure and trod back.
“Ah, thank you…?” He says, pausing.
He notices the feathers in your hands and says, “We could use those. You know, as ink and quills, or what you call pens.” You hand them over, glad to be free of them.

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well, with every time i have to make a new one, i get more bored. Sorry guys, i’m gonna discontinue this story.
[Edit] On second thought, I want you all to have a part, so if this comment gets 10 face with monocles, then ill continue writing
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Maybe you could integrate all the parts into 1 megapost, it’d be easier to read/play

dont stop now