Your Boi's Marketplace 2.0 - **OPENING** FEB 1, 2020 - Maybe

~ Cursed Scroll ATK (In Stock: #): 300s each (price subject to change) - February 1, 2020 :open_mouth:
~ Ancient ATK Scroll (In Stock: 0): 300s each (price subject to change) - February 1, 2020 :open_mouth:

Contact me in discord: YourNameisMyNameBoi#4219. Send me a quick message.
Contact me in roblex: YourNameisMyNameBoi. Also, send me a friend request.

Also, we will meet in Nilgarf.
Thanks.! :smile:

I cant find ur user apperently?

That’s questioning…

Maybe this will help

Can u search up somebody7720 in discord user search and dm me?

Is your price inclusive or exclusive of tax?

Chances are it includes tax since stuff like 1G is gonna end up some weird random number, approx. 42% higher.

Yup, he’s right. I will include this on my post!

i cant find your user too

Here Copy and Paste this! without any space: YourNameisMyNameBoi#4219

Insert I’ll take your entire stock meme

Yeah I’ll buy all those ancient ATK scrolls.

I think it’s not inclusive of tax, as he listed at the bottom a ‘NOTE:’ with some really wack tax calculation

I was wondering, did I do the right calculation? :smile:

bumpp…restocked ancient scrolls.

dm me @XyrusGeneral3689

Jesus Christ that’s a lot of ancients!