You have the opportunity to do one thing to Vesteria. What do you do?

You can remove a problem, add something, remove something. You can do whatever you want, possible or now.

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More farmable enemies where grinding isnt forever.

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Does this have to be within the bounds of reality or can it be something that would be impossible to implement practically?

Id prefer if it was in the realm of possibility
Edit: whoops, misread your comment. You know what, anythings possible id like to see what people can come up with

Alright, in that case I would just want the new chest system to finally be implemented on every map that has chests.

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You and me both

add ethyr items people would care enough to buy with just the slightest hint of p2w at the most so i’d actually make more revenue

Breaking the bounds of reality though, I would theoretically want a perfect anti-exploit system, which doesn’t ever detect non-exploiters and detects exploiters 100% of the time. Of course, this is impossible, but theoretically that would be my most wanted feature.

hmm, I don’t really see exploiters in Vesteria much. Maybe I just haven’t noticed.

People had a fit with Monster Lures, so doing this would probably cause every player to flip out. Would be interesting to watch, though.

Guild update


people had a fit with tomes as well (since “rich kids” could sell them) and now look where we are, people complaining it’s too hard to get them
sometimes you need to take a stand

Reminds of this thread from Megami from back in July. Doesn’t touch on the stat/skill reset tomes, but still talks about P2W in Vesteria.

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oh yeah, the old buy 50 alts and open colo chests schtick
it’s a pretty impractical method but it still works, which i believe the devs listened to a bit because if i recall correctly the chest by the guard in nilgarf is level-locked

the problem with alts back then was evidently referral abuse (which benefits the players and the developers alike) to the point where people had 200+ referrals and was heavily P2W due to the fact it could give cursed scrolls and dyes

referrals have been removed since then so all that remains is ethyr items and how to go about monetizing them
vesteria just needs to work on monetization in general without throwing pay benefits off balance

every chest in the game that works except a couple chests in mushtown are level locked now

Delete beta or at least make it way more expensive.

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Ability to conjure a skeleton horse I can ride as a mount wherever I please.

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I’d make guilds have more functionality, and fishing as well.

Get another lead dev to work on the game

add coffee.

gives like, extra speed and like, 1 STR for like, 5 minutes then like 15 seconds of like decreased speed and like, -1 STR