Yikes, the community + discord

Exploits being spread, abusing moderators, and people quitting because of no update (rip)

Sounds like a bunch of people who wouldn’t play the game long enough to enjoy it anyway. Not I, and not The Company. We’re here to play.

All of that sounds normal for a Roblox community Discord. (And those people that are quitting are probably going to come back to play on the update, and then say “This isn’t good enough, it isn’t like WoW”)

You’ve never been in the Eclipsis Discord then, it’s, in my opinion, one of the most simplicitic and effective Discords out there. All the moderators are nice, too.

That’s even possible? That Discord might need to educate the general toxicity of Roblox Discords

Go and check it out, back when the game was highly popular, we mods would sit and watch to see if anything happened. I learned a lot from the Chief Moderator who set it all up.

I don’t have wifi at home anymore so I’m kinda enjoying no update…:sweat_smile:

The ones who stick through these rough times are the real players.

i have been here from almost the beginning and I’m not going anywhere

Good boy, you receive one singular cookie. A large chocolate chip cookie, with extra chocolate, just for you. Be careful, it’s still hot from the oven. Eat it slowly so the flavor dissolves in you mouth, this is a cookie you want to savor.



Either take the damn cookie or I’m giving it to someone else.


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geez, I’m taking the cookie and thanking you.

smh my head. people these days, so nice and welcoming.
what happened to us?

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We got greedy, then we got paranoid. When we meet people now a days we think to ourselves how they can benefit us, not how we can benefit them. C:

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yeah, that sounds about right

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i remember yesterday i saw someone speed hacking i have no idea why would someone would exploit in a game that they payed for lol.

Can you honestly blame people for being upset about no update. It one thing to not update but its another thing the leave the community blind about whats going on. I think the lack of communication is the problem atm. The game is 10 bucks, so its not likes it free or without investment. And trust me I know it takes time to make content, especially good content. And when you give a community a schedule of when you cant update, if something goes wrong at bare minimum update community with something atleast.

Also quitting in this day in age means “ill be back later” . People think if you dont play a certain game ever day you quitting it.

True, I was pretty disappointed that berezaa said that the update was going to “likely” be released on Sunday, not even as an official announcement, and no word was said on the update from the devs yesterday. He really needs to keep us informed of a delay. Even if the delay is a week, it is a lot better for the community to know than having us not know when it is coming at all.

Mhm, also I don’t like the way they updated. First, they made leveling after level 24 extremely difficult with the XP curve, then they changed spider spawns, making it a lot more slow and annoying to grind. They should have at least released the spider spawn update when content for players level 20-30 was ready.

I think Berezaa’s grandfather passed away so uh… b patient

I’d like to further agree on this, there’s a certain work ethic you have to have with these kinds of things, regardless of one’s personal life.