Yeti's Frozen Lake Easter egg (First to find the Easter Egg)

I’ve found a way to get under the lake and this is somewhat of an easter egg

To get there you would need to follow the arrow on this picture,

Then afterward you climb up the mountain and near the tree, you would find a hole next to it

You then fall down the hole then follow the path and you’ll find yourself under the lake!

I’ll post more easter eggs when I find them, till then Baii :D. (IGN: Somebody7720)


Can you post a little more in depth post about how to do that? I would love to try it.

yeah, could you give us some more information, this would be considered low effort.

Alright, Give me a second

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Problem with this is (at least from what I remember from a while back) that there’s no way to actually get out of the lake. The last part of the path is a steep drop that you can’t climb back up. The only way out is resetting.

But you can s w i m Don’t worry, I’m a big dumb.

its more of just a glitch and also youre not the first cause in screenshots theres a dude who was already there lol

I mean It’s not about who is first right…great effort for posting this! :slight_smile:

Thanks I will check it out!

I noticed this hole in the floor quite awhile ago but I thought it was just bad building and somehow there was a hole left there. Ur not the first to find it, and I don’t think u can consider this an easter egg.

it’s cool that they have this

Cool find! But I don’t think it’s an Easter egg, but could be transformed into one (like that hidden pocket in nilgarf a while back that got transformed into an entrance to sewers)

Nice find, but I feel this is just an error.

Entrance to a new area???
(That would be cool)

I didn’t know you were not depressed back then.