Yeti not giving drops

I’m a mage. all of our attacks are ranged. My an a few friends were in a call while killing the yeti. I got no drops, not even fur after we attacked and killed the yeti. My friend who is a ranged hunter, also got no drops. I think that if your ranged you get no drops.
Thanks for reading!

You probably got in a server with an exploiter. They have exploits that can pick up everyones loot.

No it’s because they deal the most damage

Define “no drops” did you receive the minimum of any silver? Any mob drops? Are you referring to rare drops in particular or equipment drops?

Please be specific.


Just for the sake of information, this what the damage numbers typically look like when an exploiter is fighting the yeti. You can see that they’re all bunched up and relatively low-damage. If there’s no exploiters, then the numbers will typically be mostly a brighter yellow or orange, and less frequent.

You can also tell because you’ll hear a large amount of damage sounds, more than physically possible from your group fighting the yeti.

You get no drops when there is someone who dealt more damage than you with higher level or more damage weapons which I personally think the drops by damage and rng should be changed so everyone gets fair drops

Literally no fur, no silver, no antlers, no gear literally 0 items.

I’ll test to verify.