Yet another series of questions I have

By what percent does each type of scroll increase damage by? I believe I found the answer to this on a different topic but I forgot which.

How much HP and MP does a single point in VIT and INT give?

What would be a good build for a mage?

Are giants more likely to spawn when there’s more people in a server?

Do higher level enemies naturally take less damage from attacks? I’ve noticed I deal slightly less damage on an Elder Shroom compared to a Baby Shroom.

Is DEX allowing people to dodge weaker attacks yet?

Does stamina passively increase with level up (without factoring in DEX)?

What percent of damage does a player have to deal to a monster to gain a copy of drops and partial XP? Is it 20% damage for 20% XP, and so on?

Are drop rates affected in any way by partying? Killing the same monster with multiple people?

When will PA be released?

Paid-access will be released in 10 years. Of course, It’s sarcasm.

Is the “Im using sarcasm” sarcasm or is the whole reply sarcasm?

the entire reply

Or was that sarcasm?

I just realized, It was supposed to be “Of course, it’s sarcasm.” but I wrote “Of course, I’m using sarcasm.” I need to check what I wrote before sending it off next time.

That’s some weird autocorrect you have there 0-o

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