Yet Another Pronunciation Poll

Still bored…

  • :point_right:"Poke" blox2
  • "poke"mon blox2
  • “pock” blox2

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How do people get that… there’s no E in my name

Too many years of Pokemon, in my case.

8 years of on-off commitment (I don’t do the trading cards anymore, now I do Magic: The Gathering. Got a Blue/Red/Black Wizard deck, a Green/White Selesnya/Life-gain deck, and an Artifact deck all set up).

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Don’t know what those decks mean because I play Pokemon cards.

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Ah. Okay. I can’t really explain it accurately without a decent amount of background knowledge prexisting, so oof.

what about

pok blocks too

as in “pock” or as in “poke” :point_left:?

pock as in short for ‘pocky’

dif decks i believe, red +fire, blue = water, black = death.,
My Dad Just Ordered 2k Magic Cards Off Of amazon so im learning to play :slightly_smiling_face:

Puck bloks 2

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Not quite.
Those are diff decks but wrong ideas.

Red = sheer damage, often dealing immense amounts
Blue = debuffing/buffing, or countering.
Black = basically, creature dies, you bring it right back.

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