Yeah, im asking this. How am i not going to ask this?

So, im on my Ranger account, level 19, ive heard of Explosive or “Int arrows”, what is the stat level needed to reach it.

I am pretty sure that the new update for stats made it so that you need 50% of ur stat points in INT to get the “explosive int arrows” (used to be 30 int)

You’re a level 19 ranger?

he probably trying to say that hes a level 19 hunter that uses a bow

as in I will be a ranger when I can

no its still 30 int(i think, my trickster had more than 60)
also good choice wanting to be a ranger, i reborned from max ranger to try trikster, i have done all hunter subclasses now, and they fun)

You need 30 int minimum for mini bomb arrows

more int gives bigger explosions yes?