Ya uh I lost a item

Ok so me and @Meta did a trade for a spider dagger and after I picked it up on my hunter I left to go get more scrolls on my mage to give him. ANDDDDDDD I lost the dagger :frowning: when I joined back on my hunter about 30 mins after I think Its gone. Ya might want to look at this @berezaa because I just lost about 5 hours of grinding prob more :rage: I also want a refund or to talk to you manager!

Do you still have the 4 ancients? If then, it is just a data setback.

O wait I do nvm lol

nice one

Wait you have the dagger or the ancients? Wut

ancients do u have the dagger still?

Nope, it’s gone.

hmmmmmm this is still a glitch? oof

Yeah unfortunately Roblox’s data stores are toasters and hate being stressed even slightly. We’re working on a fix for this.

Convert entire data save into readable image and upload to Roblox Library. It ain’t convenient, but it’s a cool concept. :wink:

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