XP needs to change ASAP

I’m not trying to throw shade at vesteria or anything but this is taking me WAYY to long to level up. It’s taking me 1 hour and a half to level up once from 20 to 21 like make a way to make this easier please. I dont want this game to be a hard core grinding game i just want a regular grinding method, to rank up fast because right now i have 35k of xp i have to fill and spiders some reason went from 108 xp down to 54 and now i have to kill over 600 spiders just to rank up. probably even more.


I agree. It should just NOT be so hard to level up. It’s waaaaaay too much time to spend whilst getting almost no progress. If it is gonna stay this way, there should be a lot more items and rewards in the game.

They’ve already talked about how theyre going to make it much easier for lv 20+ to level up with a boss raid

With the new XP update, It makes it so you get less XP from enemies lower leveled than you. This prevents high level people from crowding into low level maps for XP. You’re currently grinding on level 15 spiders as a Level 20+, that’s why you’re getting low XP. Once they release higher leveled mobs, the leveling speed will be just the same as how it was before, maybe even quicker.

It wasn’t fair that level 20 players were able to level up off of Elder Shrooms and Crabbys, enemies that are over 10 levels below them. This isn’t in line with the vision we have for Vesteria. Players auto-clicking enemies 10 levels below them shouldn’t have an advantage over players actively fighting monsters at their level or higher.

The only thing we need to change now is the fact that there aren’t any monsters higher than level 15.


I understand, but when are the new mobs coming out? I’m trying to get level 30 ASAP but its taking a LONG time.

Try to be patient, good content takes time to create.

I mean I don’t know how long it takes to create an entirely new enemy, but they are working on it. Keep in mind this update was made in the extremely long time of 2 days. (Sarcasm just in case you couldn’t tell) Meanwhile, I haven’t seen anybody talk about these at all so, here’s a picture of something I found :upside_down_face:


Those look like Tree Ents. They could be potential NPCs whether friendly or not in the future. They look pretty cool!

Before the update i had till kill about 225 elder shrooms to level Up to level 13 but now i have to kill about 450 elder shrooms to level up… I have to play twice as much to level up. No thanks i’ll wait to play again until it’s fixed.

You’re doing it wrong if you’re farming Elder shrooms at Level 14. Pretty sure Elder shrooms are for Levels 5-10, 12 at most. You should move onto the crabs and maybe the Spiders soon. Spiders are Level 15 mobs. That should give you an idea.

Ok thanks for the tip!

The XP update would have been better imo after a higher level monster made its debut, but ill deal with it. I can make new slots anyway

If we did it AFTER a new monster was added, everyone would be lvl.30 already and no one would be able to enjoy the new content :stuck_out_tongue:

Once you reach the place (around lvl.20) where it becomes difficult to level up, we actually encourage you to take a break from the game or play on a new save until we add new high-level monsters. Unless you want to grind gold or scrolls.


Ooo better yet you can help research stuff for the wiki :joy:

I’m a grinder so ill be making new slots. Only if there was a way to seamlessly transfer items from slot to slot.

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Hopefully soon cause uhhh I need more spots for scrolls…

yeah im way to lazy to keep farming crabs and spiders and im way to lazy trying to make a new warrior account so i’ll just watch the forums on new updates (also discord)