XP Halfed Bug/Glitch

I dont know if its really a bug but everytime i lvl up the xp amount i get is halfed. (I only farm the spiders now)
Im now lvl 24 and i only get 18 xp from killing a spider alone. on lvl 23 it was 36 and lvl 22 it was 72.
Could someone help me otherwise ill need to kill 60000 spiders at lvl 29. :confused:

That’s part of the XP curve. It may seem bad rn, but you get the minimum XP when you are 10 levels above an enemy. Spiders are capped at 16 XP and Crabs are capped at 8 XP.

Well it won’t make sense if you got the same xp the higher you lvl up, but at a certain point the XP Curve; to say curves so much it doesn’t get any lower than 18 XP. but the 18 XP most likely only applies towards the spiders as they are currently the highest lvl as if you went to crabs at the same lvl you will get around 8 XP I believe.

I guess its normal then. thanks

Idk if its normal then that i still need to kill 3000 spiders to get from lvl 24-25.

It’s normal
This is to let the lower leveled people grind and discourage high level people kill stealing