Xbox players cannot load or select any save slots

I play on Xbox, but after the free weekend update I could not load any of my save slots. You could open the game and press play with little to no issue, but afterwards you could not select any of the save slots, mainly due to the game menu toggle (double window/back button) not being able to select the save slots or the play button. Thanks for reading.

This is where you can’t select anything

(Yes I am still that new to the game)

Are you taking about FW or the actual game?

What does FW mean? I just made an account, sorry.

Are you using the free weekend Vesteria or the paid access Vesteria

I use the paid Vesteria, but it stopped working after the free weekend update

they deserve it for playing on console instead of PC

Wrong, some people on PC are way worse in attitude and as a player, so stop it with the “PC is superior” nonsense. We are in a day in age where the main difference is what games are available and what you use to play. Graphic differences are minimal at best and is mostly reliant on how the developer of the game decides to have the game styled.

Sorry, bug if you couldn’t tell, I am touchy about people saying PC is superior, especially when they say they deserve a game-beaking bug due to their choice of system.

Fun fact though: PC has superior aiming with the mouse, controllers have superior movement with the joystick.

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cough* cough* PC mASteR rAce

I’m agree with you
platform don’t define your fun and graphic as long they don’t look blurry and was a bad game

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Thanks, I thought I was going to get a lot of hate but this makes me feel better, so thank you

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But not like hate, but more like people trying to prove that their console is superior and all others are sub-par.

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they are just people like flex thier expensive equipment just so people won’t call him/her bad at the game

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real gamers use PC

consoles are for uneducated beginners

And sometimes the most uneducated people are on PC because they can’t learn that PC isn’t the only good system out there.

Also 1v1 me in Dark Souls if you are so sure that I’m a beginner and not a real gamer.

Plus, I bet that you forgot that in the past the best system was the NES and the SNES ( the originals) which were consoles.

Just ignore altalyst, they are clearly just looking for attention. No one in their right mind would think what platform you play on makes a difference.

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console is useful only for gaming, while PC can also be used for productivity

and PCs are still better for gaming

Have you found a solution? I have the same problem.

I would honestly just keep playing with PC for Vesteria. Not to say that PC is better but it’s just that Vesteria is optimized more towards the PC player base. Ber probably won’t be able to fix it atm as he’s most likely working on QOL thighs and content updates. GUI and optimization for other consoles just aren’t at the top of his list.