Wrath Spirit's NEW shop

Currently I am selling a Vibrant stingtail staff and a keen stingtail staff, I am also selling a normal Moko maul.
Offer prices below because I’m bad with market stuff.

i’ll take the legendary for 300s

I’m not selling the legendary for 300s, lol maybe the vibrant, but I know legendaries are sought after.

Also that was fast.

Ok I’ll take the legendary for 1g

That’s a lot, I’ll definitely accept that, where do you want to meet?


Wait, could I make a change? could we adjust the price to 1.3 gold? I’ll head to dunes.

What are the perks?

It’s all in the image. 134 attack, 12 Vitality.

Waterwolf here selling some cheap staffs (Also I feel like 1.3g for legendary is just Meta scamming you but what do I know ammirite)

I don’t know prices, I thought 1.4g was a lot.

got a few normal ones for sale.

Mr. Meta you gotta go higher, Mr. Kiri bought my legendary scimitar for 11.6g

I’m starting to feel like I got scammed but whatever.

lol how much did you sell it for.

1.3 gold.

lol looks like I won

No it isn’t in the image.

oh, my bad let me fix that

changed the price for the base staffs since I didn’t take account of the 30% tax and would have gotten more from merchants.