Wow i got kicked out of the discord for speaking out againts the exploiters

That’s just pathetic you guys really need to check your discord mods, the fact you guys are defending exploiters of all people and ban people for speaking upp againts them. if this is how the game is going to go down to. Then i might just give upp on this game. really dissapointed. Who ever that kicked me out i hope you get your mod revoked and the fact that you’re defending the exploiter who is purpesly trying to ruin the game just shows that you simply don’t care. I hope one of the devolpers sees this and has the person who banned me punished and explain to me why i was “kicked out” for no reason or with out any warning. @berezaa @Polymorphic

I am honestly sorry that happened, I tried explaining to the mod that I was the one who brought up exploiting but I was banned shortly after you where. From the other two people talking the mod cleared the chat shortly after so there may not be chat logs and we were the only ones banned.

I didn’t meant to escalate things as far as hurting your experience of the game as much as I did and for that I am sorry.

Possibly, If by stuff you mean accidentally glitching the game to show a debug screen.

You should of never touched it then i would of reported the bug…not abused it shameful display

Sorry about this. There was a misunderstanding with the moderators about one of the rules. One of the rules says that talking about exploiting is not allowed, and a mod misunderstood the meaning of that rule. I’ll make sure to clarify it on the rules page. Thanks!