Would You Say Your Good At Pvp?

As more and more people start getting max level, we start to pvp more. Well, lets say you’ve done that for a while, or barely pvp at all. Would you say your good at pvp? Are you one of the bests? From a scale of 1 to 10 what is your skill level compared to others? I am trying to figure out who is the best at pvp in each class. Tell me what your class is and your skill level. If you would ask me I’d say I’m a 5 compared to everyone else. I am worse than GeneralOmegus and he says he’s not even that good. So, what are your thoughts?


btw you can’t really give a number to skill level because that isn’t something that can be measured in numbers

Does making it say compared to other people better?

for me, my skill lvl for pvp out of 1-5 is a 2.
(lvl 17 hunter, didnt spam all points in STR)

I don’t PVP often, but I think I’m ok as a level 23 hunter.

all I do is run away but so far the only thing that has been able to catch me is zap and very rarely a good warrior roll/lunge glitch thingie whatever it is, so I will give myself a 0.2

i’m almost max lvl and I lost a pvp match to a lvl 25. I’d say i’m probably the worst PVP high level player in the game.

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I am confident that I am currently the best mage pvper

I’m a lvl 21 mage, and I’m a pretty good mushroom killer. As for pvp, I’ve never really been good at that.

I’m confident in my ability as the second best PVPer in game. The title of best would go to @Kenderos.

Yeah, ken is like, too much.

I am flattered owo. I am not sure about being “the best” but I am confident in being one of the top hunters at the moment.

Id say im a 6 on hunter (pretty much just kite until i run out of mp and then spam execute) and a 7 on warrior (getting good with leaping certain distances and attack timings) although im lvl 25 and 24 respectively so cant test myself against high players

I’m a mage with zap and blink so that automatically makes me skill level 10 by default

You forgot me lol and since i beat you pretty much most of the rounds would that not make me the second best? I also havent fought kendro either

Yeah, as of right now, you easily take my title.