Would You Rather, but there's a twist


  • Everyone gets 0 points at the start.
  • Once the topic hits 100 replies, whoever has the most points will win the round.
  • You get a point, by winning a question.
  • DO NOT choose the opposite, you do not get a point as well. I discourage you.

How to win a question:

You must answer a Would You Rather question, and choose what the replier chose. If you do choose what they choose, you get a point.


Points (be honest)
New question
If previous person was right or wrong

Starting Question:

Would you rather fight 1000 spiders, or fall down a hole that may or may not end your life.

TheOfficalSin - coming up with the idea
You - for doing this whole game lol

fight 1000 spiders

do i win?

No, the next person has to reply with their answer

And if it’s the same as yours, you get a point.

Also read the format please for replies.


Would you rather Beat Berezaa in a Duel or Beat Polymorphic in a Duel
fight 1000 spiders
Incorrect sorry bud

Would you rather cave dive, or beat Subnautica in 30 minutes and if you don’t you have a 19% chance of instant death
Beat Polymorphic in a duel
Incorrect, 0 points for you sir

it should be a thing were if the person who answered the questions gets a :+1: from the person they replied too, they would get a point

Nah just format change

9999 (nah jk 0)
Would you rather, Know when you are going to die, or, know when some other random person in the world is going to die?
Cave Dive. (because I’ve played Subnautica and I’m pretty sure its impossible to beat in 30 minutes, and I dont wanna risk dieing lol)
Uhhh idk if its incorrect or not… I dont get how this part works? plz explain.

if you choosed the same thing as the other person

so if I chose Beat Polymorphic in a duel u get a point? and if I chose Ber u don’t?

yeah, but read the last rule.

O ok so ya that rule makes sense now. Ok so I would probly wanna beat Poly I guess so point for you I think… :thinking:

mmhmm very true