Would anyone want to do a guild with me?

Im creating a guild containing all Hunters called “The glass cannons” I dont want to spend 1G for nobody to join. We’ll be doing raids and things like that durring weekends. There will be vesteria give aways (items etc) Anybody in? I really would like to know. (Will be a discord.)

Would join you if I weren’t already in Twilight Underground.

I like the name Glass Cannons, but instead of asking in the forums, you should ask other players in-game since you are selecting only hunters. This means you can target level 49 hunters and ask if they have a guild already and if they do not, if they have discord.

Along with that, I am a mage main and already in a guild, so I can & would not join.

Can’t join since I already have a guild, but here is a tip for a better chance at getting good members for your guild: Don’t just recruit randoms in game, there is a relatively low chance that they would stick around or contribute a lot to the guild in the long run. Instead, find people you see a lot in game or in the discord that seem like good people.

whats ur discord name and tag?

you wana join?