Worst Major Update (After Beta) in your Opinion?

  • Beta Release
  • Spider Dungeon, etc.
  • Mob XP +Difficulty, etc.
  • Stat Rework (Guilds, Warrior Revamp, Potion Consumption, etc.)
  • SQR +Difficulty, etc.
  • NoFail Scrolling & Bounty Book, etc.

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Just wanted to get opinions, I like doing these kinds of polls. Would like to hear why you chose what you did.

Beta led to a series of droughts and a ton of community backlash. The game wasn’t ready.



Beta has been one f*** up after another. Almost all of the updates since then have been bad, not necessarily because of the content every time, but because of the awful execution.


I voted beta release. It wasn’t really bad in my opinion, but I mean it was probably my least favorite… TBH it was kinda out of nowhere

Beta release was probably the start of all of the issues that people are having with the game right now. Everything sort of led into each other and here we are today. I don’t think a single issue can really be blamed for everything wrong with Vesteria currently.

If Vesteria had stayed in Alpha, the same updates still would have most likely happened. Many of the things released early into Beta were being worked on in Alpha, after all.

It’s possible that it might not have been as bad with as many bugs, but still, if you’re blaming the content in the updates then you should know that releasing for Beta is not the culprit here.

Right, there was little real content within the beta update. But, even the developers said that they weren’t ready for it, they say that for many updates, however. This was arguably the biggest slip-up in releasing an update that wasn’t ready.

what did they even release in beta anyway likei n the update


Why am I only one on spider queen

honestly sq update was good but your kinda right too

i picked mob XP + Difficulty cause when beta was released my friends were able to get the game but when the difficulty change happened they all left ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Tbh I think world zero saw vesterias mistake in realizing beta too early (they were originally planning beta about 3 months after alpha) so they decided to release beta this thanksgiving.


I change my mind, exp is way bad.

welp, im a loner

XP for sure i had my friend play and he couldnt handle the large amount of xp to level up

But then again you really have to be in a mood to level up

Beta Release was a sham. Vesteria had and still has so much untapped potential, but the uninformed masses seem to quick to dispose of the game as dead. I still believe that Vesteria’s future truly lies in guilds.

I absolutely love no fail scrolling, it make holy scrolls useless!