Will there be subdivisions of the forum?

What I would like to propose, would be subdivisions for other languages, something not so big just an area for a specific language, some of my friends who play visit the forum, but not all speak English, but want to interact, sometimes google translate does not help much, and I also believe that it would increase the involvement of people who speak the same language, and the sharing of information. The most important is the new friendships


Um, In my opinion I think there should, but should be pretty hard to get because it wouldn’t be as fair for lower levels. Make a system something like destiny 2 on how you have to defeat a specific really hard dungeon to achieve a specific type of power.

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But what I wanted to say is in respect of the forum, only for the dissimination of information and make new friends, I believe that it would not need level, and why would it be a problem?

Fully support this as my friend speaks spanish.

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