Will there be microtransactions in the future?

If so, what will they cover?

Will they ever be pay to win?

I believe that they have said multiple times that they’re not aiming to make this game pay to win. So that should be the least of our worries :mage:

The most important part gets cut out: " . . .also trade-able. We will never offer exclusive items that provide unfair advantages that are not obtainable by non-R$ means. We think trading will help balance this."

Late reply, but I will clarify; since it’s in paid-access, it will not have micro-transactions and pay-to-win products because the paid-access is covering their bills, and payment to the contributors. However, if they go free, they will definitely need micro-transactions, but not pay-to-win products to cover everything.

Of course, the micro-transactions will be fair:

I’m aware that it’s a unofficial post (which means that the post is basically their opinion), but it should be obvious that it will be fair.