Will there be dungeons in this game?

Like in actual MMOs, where 4 players run an instanced dungeon for armor sets with unique effects and fight bosses?

The devs announced some type of raid instance with a Boss. That’s pretty much a dungeon in my books.

In most MMORPGs raids include a lot more players than a dungeon

Not much info has been released about it so it could end up being multiple parties or just one party (6 people in a party).

Fair enough

I heard berezaa or poly say that it will be a single party raid/dungeon so people could fairly get drops without getting flung with 20 people trying to kill one monster

Yeah that makes sense. I feel bad for the minibosses that get mobbed to death by the whole server within 5 seconds of spawning.

so true

flashbacks to when giants gave all mobs on the map op hitboxes

Maybe just remove player collision

Those were the days the roles were reversed. The players were the ones getting massacred.


@Vesterian I do agree, I think there should be dungeons and a Armor set from each dungeon would be cool too.

think so