Will Castle Seige and Guild vs Guild - Node wars based content be a thing in the future?

Let’s say a player makes an in game Guild/Clan and with that you can capture castle and such which would give that guild a node zone which basicly means that they will get a certian cut of income of vendors and shop keepers that lives in that certian node/zone making it so Guilds that holds a highly populated nodes and such would start to get a good way of income, the trick is that other Guilds can recapture that Node and such making it so that the Vesteria world will start to feel more Dymanic and alive, Giving the players to be able to controll the economy and such. This would be a fantastic way to be implemented as an end game thing where risk/reward of getting money. You’d be able to customize and modify the castle aswell. By adding defenseive and better looking walls and such.

To capture the castle the Guild will need to destroy or open the gates for the others to come and then they need to enter the main hall of the castle and hold the capture point for around 20 to 30 mins. Once that happens the players will win the seige. For it not to be able to be exploited so easliy the guild will need to have enough members to be able to invade and once they do the game will give you a time and scedule for both of the players to know what day that node war will begin. And it will be in a speffic map for it aswell. Basicly a private server for the 2 opsite guilds to join in. It will be around a maximal of 50 players or more if it’s available.

Basicly take a look how Black desert online did the node war system. That pretty much explains it more and properly then what i tried to describe. Thats the only one of the few system i liked about the game before the greedy p2w devolopers ruind it.

And yeah i kinda did not focus so much on my english spelling or grammar when writing this lol.

I definitely want to, when we add guilds eventually, allow guilds to compete in massive fights. Something like this sounds great.