Wiki Improvement Thread

Wiki Improvement Thread

Here you can talk about what wiki pages should be improved. I and other wiki writers will listen and fix the pages for you.

The wiki is the massive knowledge source (besides testers), and we need to try to make it as best as possible.

i think the cursed scroll pages are outdated, dating back to the enchantment mechanisms in early beta

Okay, I’ll look into it.

went through a couple pages and found some things:

Baby Shroom Pet was a 1% chance to obtain from a Referral Envelope (

Baby Shroom Pet has a 5s sell yield

Ancient Stat Scrolls actually give +4 DMG and +3 of the respective stat

550 * 4 isn’t 2000?

Ancient ATK Scrolls are 10% scrolls

All fixed!

I will look into it.