Why you shouldn't feel bad for killing bats

Batties are evil creatures.

i blocked a few people and went on a new server. a new server where the bats never knew about humans and there were no other humans.

i walked into the cage. No threatening armor or weapons or anything.

They rushed over to me and swiftly one shot me.

kill all batties


u were prob interrupting their natural habitat mate, they prob just wanted to protect their children or something


they steal bananas


they steal a perfectly, tasty subway sandwich from subway

HardlyHarley would like to know your location.

Please do not touch bats. They are peacefully trying to defend themselves. They were threatened by your sudden appearance and it was quite dark to see that you were defenseless. They just wanted to protect their home. Batties aren’t evil either, as they just want to actually protect their younglings and live a good life without rapid deaths. @HardlyHarley approved


Sorry but you can’t beat that. Bats 1, Zenne 0
maybe zenne 1 cuz name

Don’t need somebody to defend me or bats but ok

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ツ ツ ツ

batties can eat dirt. The moglos are who we should be protecting @HardlyHarley. They’re living peacefully on the island, and you kill them, take all of their food, and when their god comes to protect the little guys, you kill him too. You guys suck. Have you seen how cute moglos are without their masks?

the bats are just infested bats with rabies living in a sewer.

You know so little. There was a bat messenger in the fray who had alerted the flock to other humans in another part of the sewer, killing bats by the hundreds. They set up a perimeter, you crossed it and they attacked in self-defence.

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everybody kills bats, theres like always a giant variant in the bat cage every 30mins MAX

Forgive me if I’m wrong but aren’t bat’s blind anyways…? darkness shouldn’t be a factor here :joy:

Yes I know I’m late but I was bored and felt like pointing it out

Vesteria bats might be different than real bats. I mean, bats i’ve seen mostly have brown-ish fur whilst Vesterian Batties have their darker-red fur. They also can fly towards you with only making a single step in their territory. There’s also this here I found by simply searching on Google. bats-blind-negative