Why we haven't released paid access yet, and why we may have to delay it

Hi everyone.

Our original plan was to release our paid access Alpha last weekend. We ended up pushing it to at earliest this weekend, and today we have come to the decision that we’re still not ready.

I wanted to let you guys know what’s keeping us from releasing, and why hopefully this won’t be a problem in the future.

Throughout our 18 weeks at Roblox, our primary focus has been building the fundamental tech that we think an epic RPG absolutely requires. We’ve built a party system, party teleportation, buffs, dialogue, quests, working building interiors, chests, abilities, classes, PVP, dueling, trading, shops, looting, fishing and so much more.

What we haven’t been focusing on as much is content. We still have the same five enemies in our game that we’ve had for weeks, and we’re only now getting around to adding the first set of armor for mages and hunters.

We really want to add more monsters to the game before release, and we have several awesome monster models already prepared, but they lack animations and we are having serious issues finding an animator. That’s our main bottleneck. We have these cool monsters, but we can’t add them to the game until they are rigged and animated. We have an awesome character animator, so we’re still able to add cool abilities and other fun stuff to the game (which we have been doing), but we don’t have anyone who specializes in multi-jointed animal/monster animation.

We’ve already put out a job offer to fill this role, but so far we haven’t been able to find anyone who can keep up to the enormous level of quality we have with our current animations. This weekend, we’re going to try looking for Blender animators off-platform. We don’t want to compromise and release monsters with less-than-perfect animations.

We’re not just sitting around doing nothing in the mean time. We’ve added a lot of really cool systems and features, but this is why we haven’t been able to add any new monsters. We’ll try to fix this and get an awesome Alpha to you as soon as possible.

Also, we’ve decided on R$800 for our Alpha price, down from the R$1,000 that was initially planned. Thank you everyone for your feedback on this matter.

Looking forward to releasing this awesome game. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


If the game is really getting better then I’ll wait

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I’m really looking forward to paid access now!

OOF this make me a sad boy ;( oh well keep up the good work :smiley:!


With the price down to 800, I’ll wait as long as it needs. Plus, having more monster variety is something i was really hoping for, so I definitely don’t mind waiting.

This is exactly the news i wanted to here, i was planning on waiting 3 weeks or so after the alpha gets released so that i actually have something new to do in the game, now i won’t have to have a later start than others


But seriously though, I don’t need all of that, I just want to play the game.

Same here, I’m getting Vesterian withdrawal. Though I appreciate the time and effort the devs are putting into the game to get us a smooth release, at least one more playtest to retain our interest?

Yeah, its hard to keep interest without playtests, thats why most games dont do good until they are fully released.

We need a playtest to stay alive

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I understand that teasers are occasionally released, but I only get excited about them because I couldn’t wait to play them in the next play test, honestly.

Okay, I understand where this is coming from, because you don’t to disappoint, but we wont be disappointed with anything you give us, because something is better than nothing. That being said, when it comes to this quote, I believe it would be wise to release PA so we can farm and level up and be ready for the new mobs that are going to be added.



stop bullying me


But keep up the good work, the teasers look good. But remember, there IS such thing as building up too much suspense.

Yeah, let’s just hope all things go right, and maybe, just maybe, we may get another playtest before PA.


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whelp… at least my life won’t be occupied with vesteria for the next week or so