Why The Sun is Actually Berezaa’s Face

Note: I do not believe this at all. This was just a fun little thing I concocted.

The Sun is Berezaa’s face. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I sincerely believe it is true. Here’s why:

The Hotness in the Dunes Depletes Your Stamina
The reasoning for this is that Berezaa is very proud of the Whispering Dunes. Thus, if The Sun is actually his face, it would shine much brighter. If The Sun shined brighter, the area you were in would get much hotter, causing dehydration. And the Whispering Dunes causes dehydration.

Without The Sun, It’s Impossible To See
If The Sun is Berezaa’s face, then what happens at night? At night, The Sun is not active. Meaning you can’t see Ber’s face. So, the world is bleak. It is pitch black, and a thick layer of fog obscures your view, especially in the dunes. The reason why it is much more noticeable in the dunes is because Ber is proud of it. Thus, he wants you to see his face. And when you can’t see his face, he is going to make sure you were wishing you did.

The moon has been rumored to have the face of possible entities such as Metapoly, Davidii, and Terul.

Vesteria is Made by Berezaa
I’m pretty sure I didn’t even have to list this one.

Really. This is Berezaa we are talking about.

This concludes Why The Sun is Actually Berezaa’s Face. I hope you enjoyed.

Someone should make a meme about this.


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