Why the stat reset is NEVER worth it

With the addition of ‘Vincent’, we were given the ability to ‘change’ our stats. I wanted to change a few things myself, and was 100% scammed with every ounce of money I gave him.

There is no benefits what so ever of paying for the stat reset.

I was at 12 STR, 6 VIT, 3 INT, and 51 DEX, before I paid for this, I wanted to shift some points around, take a few out of STR and VIT and put it into DEX, but unfortunately, the NPC randomizes what you get.

Hear that? You’re not paying to change your stats, your paying for them to be randomized. And it doesn’t randomize well. Most of the randomization seems to be in favor of mages, as for most of my frantic “I need to get as close as possible to my original stats” seemed to result in a lot of INT builds.

I feel I was lied to. They could have given us a warning that it would be random. It never does. The only way I found out was because I was affected by this.

I am very disappointed at the complete lack of warning that the process is random. Not only that but you can’t even get your old stats back. You pay for it, your funeral.

I wasted 180 silver on this, and I didn’t get near my original build. This is game breaking, and it makes me very unmotivated to play. Now I’m a Hunter that has a warrior stat build. I honestly might just make a new save because of this.

I wrote this so that other players don’t fall into the same trap I did. Try to build yourself right, there is no fallback.

I am extremely unhappy at this because it is a complete waste of money and there is no benefits. Literally none. I didn’t see anything remotely good about it.

I prided myself on having a lot of DEX, and now that’s just been taken away from me in lies. There is no way to undo it either so I won’t be that “Guy who cares too much about the amount of DEX they have” anymore.

It’s like randomly shuffling your perk points isn’t a good idea when the deck you have built is probably specifically designed for you.

all jokes aside perk shuffling is terrible and I see 0 reasons for anybody to do it.

My character is literally ruined because of this.

now that I read the post, I am 90% certain that berezaa or the patch notes did say that it was random or more obscurely … wait, what? they never officially stated that its random?

o k

so basically, this is trash and I’m sorry for you

Yeah, it really sucks. I went from a DEX heavy hunter build to a STR and DEX balanced warrior build

Full INT Hunter FTW!!!

You should have asked around the forums so that people would tell you what it does (that’s what I did and boy do I not regret it)

I looked around after I did it and saw 2 posts that didn’t really get to the point that it was random.

some things I gathered from looking around the forums (tbh you should read that entire topic since it has some good discussion and info in it)

Same thing happened to me… Sad day. I now am not motivated to play as my Mage, and I am now concentrating on my Warrior, which I had hoped I would never have to resort to. Since I am using all three slots, I am extremely disappointed and upset about my buff mage.

The only reason I like Vincent is because he’s hot.

Very true

But, you can’t have him we are already in a relationship.

Damn… I wanted him to scramble MY eggs tho…

How did my cry in agony turn into a… Vincent orgy?

It really do be like that sometimes
and I didn’t know an ‘‘orgy’’ is considered 3 people calling Vincent good looking

“Haha im gonna scamble your stats like i scramble my eggs” did you not read what he said to you. Im saying this is fully ur fault there srry

SithVirtus doesn’t count

we don’t speak about him

It was widely assumed to be a joke. We are thinking logically. After all, who in their right minds wants to have their stats randomized?

Nah, once I read “scramble,” I dipped from the house. Not going back there again.