Why the magic basic attack needs a buff

The magic basic attack needs a slight buff because of how unreliable it can sometimes be. I believe that the melee basic attack is just better than the magic basic attack, especially if we put it through the eyes of a new level 10 mage.

For those who have experienced this magic basic attack, although it’s not the worst thing ever, you know that it’s simply not good in terms of both PVE and PVP. However, the benefit to this magic basic attack is when you’re fighting the Yeti or the Spider Queen. In both of those boss battles, there’ll probably be a warrior or a melee hunter that tanks the damage for you or distracts it for you. This allows you to completely avoid taking damage and being able to hit the Yeti/SQ from a far place. This sounds similar to a class called the Ranger, which can shoot from even more far away. Of course, since Rangers rely on their bow and their only ability is Barrage, it’s justified that their basic attack is better than the mage’s.

However, in literally every situation that’s not a boss battle, you’re going to lose, lose, and lose if you use your magic basic attack in the same situations as a warrior would normally.

here is a list of bad (it’d be better if you had melee basic attack) situations:

  • Imagine you’re in the Great Crossroads and have entered one of those scarecrow pit thingys and have piled a pile of perhaps 3-4 scarecrows in front of you. If you use magic basic attack to kill them all, you will take significantly more longer than if you used melee basic attack.

  • PVP, it’s significantly easier to hit someone with melee basic attack than magic basic attack. The magic basic attack can be easily dodged and it doesn’t have that much range. If you simply run backwards with a mage running at you spamming magic basic attack, you’re basically immune to magic basic attack and have only their abilities to worry about.

  • SQR spiders (When it’s just one spider, its simply not worth thundercalling it)

  • Bats (but thundercall exists, but yeah it’d be easier with melee basic attack compared to magic)

  • If you are low level, your mana is low. Remember that each magic basic attack is 3 mana to cast (melee basic attack is 0). Yeah, you’ll be spending money on purple potions or rest after grinding for a while if you want to farm monsters.

here’s when it’s actually beneficial

  • yeti/sq (However, SQ’s venom and spiderlings are still capable of attacking you, making it so you’re worser than a ranger if you use just magic basic attack. I’d add yeti’s attacks as being a problem as well but its probably because i suck)

Sure, mage is an ok class, but early game shouldn’t be unsmooth, and nothing in Vesteria should be unsmooth, even if it makes it more balanced if mages are left alone (i think mages aren’t the most powerful, but still isn’t the weakest class)

so here are some solutions:

  1. Give mages back the melee basic attack
  2. Let it pierce or maybe make projectile bigger
  3. Make it do small AoE that can attack 2-3 enemies at once (credit: SiulChan)

bump, realized that this thing costs 3 mana as well, which adds on to its suckiness

I agree the mage basic is kinda bad compared to the other classes, although I’d rather see mage having a constant DPS skill like pre thunder Zap to maintain DPS while rotating other skills instead of just being another ranger mashing their mouse with basic attacks

The magic basic attack definitely wasn’t too pleasing for me when I started. With the uncanny ability to miss at point-blank range and never hit multiple targets, melee weapons have it beat for sure. There are a few solutions I can think of that might help:

  • Change the swinging animation to a more dignified diagonal swing and have the projectile come out in the middle of the swing. This will improve accuracy by causing the projectile to always fire from the center of the player instead of alternating from their left or right.
  • Make the staff itself deal damage. Swinging the staff causes it to glow with a minor aura that will deal a light mixture of physical and magical damage to any enemy it hits. It’s better than nothing when facing enemies with high magical defenses.
  • The magic basic attack can pierce one enemy. If it has to be a passive or has to be charged up that’s fine. It’ll provide substantial help in keeping the Mage’s basic attacks on par with the other classes.
  • Enemy targeting system in PvE. When a player clicks on an enemy to attack them, they will be focused on, keeping basically any projectile spell, such as staff attacks and Magic Missile, on target. This is disabled in the settings by default, but becomes enabled when players become Mages or learn Magic Missile.

I thought 2 things that can help:

  • Add an AoE effect: When mages basic attack hit an enemy it will explode, damaging all nearby enemies, this wont be a GIANT explosion, but will be enough to hit 2-3 enemies with only 1 magic ball.

  • Make a “combo system”: Its based on warriors third basic attack, the first two attacks will be current ones, and in the third, mages will hit the ground with the tip of the staff and will cast 5 magic balls at the same time that will hit 5 different enemies ( or less depending of the quantity of mobs that you are fighting, example, if you are fightning with 2 mobs, 3 balls will go for one and the other 2 to the other)

Sorry my english

i still agree with the idea of having a zap like constant thunder spell as basic attack, it would fit right in and be better than these wimpy spheres of 3 mana

i like this idea it can rid of the farming issue if executed correctly (it wont even make bosses like yeti more easier, and itll be such a save when the mage can actually attack more than 1 spiderling at a time to save his teammates in the SQR)

i think the combo idea will spark some hate, especially since people cant get over that time when mages were strong

anyways, ill add it to my topic

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