Why the forsaken isles is the best money sink

I’ve been wondering like ‘How do people even die in this game?’ but then I realized why the forsaken isles is the largest money sink in the game.

The moglos there are weak, but spawn in huge groups.

Moglokos only spawn on rooftops and behind campfires.
Campfires are the most likely place for a player to go AFK. Moglokos throw javelins, which can kill a player fairly quickly if they stand still for too long.
The thing with campfires, is they are effectively areas that scream at you to go take a break from the game there.

Players who know about this will generally pay attention to the mob spawns in forsaken isles. This leads to them always farming the moglos, as they spawn in larger quantities. When 1000 moglos or moglokos finally get killed, the boss Mokotuaa spawns.

They can shoot a laser beam that only targets a single player at once, and focuses damage onto them. It is Nigh impossible for a glass cannon to survive this attack. If you can’t get behind cover from this attack, vesra help you. They also has a huge ordinance of powerful close ranged attacks, that will completely annihilate any melee characters who get hit too much in a short timeframe.

A single casting of their raindrop attack can bring down a knight with to less than 40% of their health bar. The thunder attack does little damage, but it can easily finish off a player who backs off to drink consumables. His pulse attack is super easy to avoid, but it will shred anybody who doesn’t move out of the way.

All of these factors lead to the bosses platform looking like this when the boss finally dies.

As you can see, a lot of people die to the boss. Even more get killed by the moglokos when they go to pay the pizza deliveryman who just arrived at their home. The drops from the boss were heavily reduced when the bosses experience got multiplied by one thousand times what it was before.

Players take the risk of losing money to get experience from Mokotuaa very often at later levels.
They spend tons of cash on overpriced armor from the docks, and the amount money that leaves the economy due to player deaths when Mokotuaa spawns greatly outnumbers the amount of money entering the economy when Mokotuaa drops a couple of cursed scrolls.

Each of these tombstones could be worth 100s-6g, judging by my estimate of how rich players who go to the forsaken isles are.

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I agree, Forsaken Isle is certainly a scary spot for any player. I’m currently in Forsaken as I write. I still have the audio on for my game to hear if I start taking damage. Here’s my spot right now (not the safest but it’ll do in a pinch):

For those looking for advice to not die:

  • Water a little bit away from the main island is typically pretty safe.
  • Half of the island is pretty safe as well.
  • During the boss, if you have a range ability that can hit from pretty far, try staying behind cover as much as possible (you wont end up dealing much damage probably but it’s far safer than going in)
    • If you only have melee attacks, you better be full VIT. Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck.
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It is always better to play smarter rather than harder.

It’s good to learn exactly how Mo Ko Tu Aa’s attack work and the fact that it attacks faster when at low HP (until critically low). This way, you are able to dodge and strategize your attacks to maximize damage. You heal when you take a moderate amount of damage, and back away when Mo Ko Tu Aa is spamming a bunch of attacks that would be lethal to a melee attacker. This is how I got 19m XP from it as an Assassin, the glassiest of the melee subclasses.

Bit hard to do that (especially in public servers) when you can’t tell what attacks are coming out thanks to the lag (which can for some reason cause some of the sounds to not play and can force some attacks/abilities to have far more endlag than normal).

Also when Mo Ko Tu Aa starts spamming attacks it can be hard to tell what’s going on even in non-lag conditions. For example, laser and rain last for a pretty long time, whereas green (I don’t know what you’d even call it) and lightning don’t last long at all. This can lead to a bunch of extremely lethal combos that last an extremely long time.

if u join in forsaken isle u can get out of the map and that will scare me to death
now exploring out of the map is scary

Uh, Meta? You got that backwards?

Oh yea, oops. (fixed)

It’s still not a good sink.

  • Moglomelons and base mushcoin drops are still a massive faucet of thin-air mushcoin. Berezaa stated that moglomelons were the #1 source of income in Vesteria.

  • No need to AFK, since there is no penalty for logging - boss drops won’t be disabled if you leave and rejoin.

  • Fireplaces were never used well before forsaken, trapping them isn’t going to do anything if they weren’t used in the first place. Hell, all it will do is disencentivise it later .

  • Forsaken never lacks a cleric unless the island is near empty. This won’t prevent all resets from Mokotuaa, but literally no other zone has that much cleric security. I would argue that by count of full deaths, Nilgarf Sewers or Grand Crossroads would have more.

  • Armor is a one time purchase - Forsaken’s been out for a month now.

Isn’t it 2000 moglo/moglokos?
Like 500 per part of the totem pole.

i died once with 10 gold in 2 days of grinding but got res so my saying to this is play it safe