Why stars need a nerf (In PvP)

The colosseum recently got revived a lot, which brought all classes and sub classes there. I got about 10 marks of valor within some time, but it was very annoying. One of the main reasons? Stars. Mage stars.

The first problem is that they do a little too much damage. Each star does around 250 damage (in the colosseum), so if all the stars hit that could lead up to about 1500 damage. That is WAY to much for PvP, that’s around as much as ground slam does.

The second problem is that you can spam it multiple times within seconds. The cool down is way to short for such a high damaging attack. I’ve seen mages just spamming it on the top of the hill, Atleast 3 times every 2 seconds.

The third and final problem in PvP is that it’s hard to dodge. Not only does it sort of follow you, it has a glitched hit box. I can be multiple studs away from it and I will still take dmg. I know that’s not intentional, but it makes it even worse.

What’s my solution? Simple. Nerf the cooldown, make it an extra two seconds or so, and slightly nerf the dmg ON PLAYERS. This is one of the only good mage attacks, so it would be unfair if they couldn’t really use it in PvE. The tracking system it has is fine.
(Please Note: The dmg nerf and cooldown nerf are for PVP ONLY. Not PvE)

TL;DR: Getting marks in the colosseum is hard, mostly because too many mates are spamming stars that do a lot of dmg. Nerf their damage, and cooldown for PvP.

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No nerf needed, stars are gonna get deleted soon

Stars are OP i agree. Magic Missile alone is pretty powerful (I have a lvl 44 Cleric alt, it deals ~1.2k per missile with lvl 2 Magic Missile while it has Artificer’s Hat on).