Why PA isn't released yet, but the Demo is

  1. There’s tons of bugs that need to get fixed to ensure a smooth paid access release. The devs releasing a demo beforehand was actually a very good decision, considering the great reduction of bugs it would result in the actual PA release.

  2. Berezaa didn’t explicitly say the day of the weekend PA would release. On top of that, he just said that they are “shooting to release Vesteria this weekend,” not specifying whether it would be a demo release or a paid alpha release.

  3. New features like fishing were introduced, and I’m pretty sure the devs would like to know what we think and tweaks to make on it. Who wouldn’t want feedback anyway?

  4. It’s cool to be able to familiarize ourselves with the new wholly teased features from the Discord in the demo. It makes it so we don’t get mildly confused in case PA seems a bit different from how the game was like during the playtests.

  5. The devs might need to add some finishing touches and make sure there won’t be any major issues/game-breaking bugs to ensure a smooth initial experience for all PA buyers. Can’t have all the hype build up into a broken release, right?

Overall, it definitely is worth the wait, no doubts about that.

Thank you for a more detailed explanation of why the game is delayed. I hope the raging players who think the game is worth 4 robux now that it’s delayed 10 seconds past what they had expected to, read this and understand more of the current situation.

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Thanks for detailed post explaining the reasons why the devs didn’t release PA yet. People should redirect people who want to know the reasons why PA has not released yet but Demo has, here.

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