Why nerfing dex bow bonuses is inevitable (Basic atk ---> Ability)

Alright, this has to be made. Very much have to be. I shouldn’t even need to explain anything.

This is what I know about dex bow bonuses:

  • At 25 dex, you get 2 arrows
  • At 50 dex, you get 3 arrows

So, just putting this thing in perspective, spending 25 dex on your stats (I’m not even counting headwear DEX) will DOUBLE your dps, and spending another 25 dex will TRIPLE your original dps.

This is BASIC attack, and I’m not even done.

Spending INT will make it so each of the arrows EXPLODE, making it so they can hit more than one creature at once, making AoE classes less significant.

The solution to buff every other class is very questionable.

  1. You’ll have to look at every other class and buff them differently, for example, giving a mage more HP would be less effective than giving a warrior more HP.

  2. You will need to buff the other classes ALOT because the astro staff’s magic missiles (stars) are OUTPLAYED many times over by a level 46 ranger AS A LEVEL 49 CLERIC. Just imagining how powerful we’d be if you buffed everyone will just make the game as easy as blinking.

This is not like mage where they get another magic bomb after some dex is spent (35 dex for 2, 70 dex for 3).

Let me remind you that this is BASIC attack, and YES, it is WORTH the arrow spending to use those extra arrows.

Now, I do realize that if you nerf the dex bow bonuses, classes like Ranger will turn out useless. However, the easy and good solution to this is rewarding players for going close to the enemy.


Right now, rangers are pretty boring in a far away view (quite literally). The only fun that they have is a delete button which can annihilate bosses easily. This would be fun, yes, but this is fun that throws away fun for other people. Take it that I do not want to ever enter a SQR if a hunter has more than 25 dex even (Level 30+ is a no go, by the way, doesnt even matter if im a level 49, its just this bad).

However, if we nerf the dex bow bonuses indirectly by making it switch from basic atk to abilities (Remember that this is what mages have to face as well.), it can make them both have more FUN and less strong.

Barrage, assuming that we can fix whatever inaccurate problems it has, is a good example. Making abilities more used is more fun than just pressing left click over and over again.

If we upgrade barrage, it can both force ranged hunters to come closer to the enemy AND remove majority of their DPS that they have too much of.

No risk, high reward, repeat that and see for yourself if that is fair.

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they should make the bonus arrows deal a quarter of the real damage, and there 1 main arrow dealing normal damage

yea i was playing with a level 49 ranger in SQR, and the spider queen was gone in like, 5 secounds, it needs to be nerfed

They could make it where barrage would have another 2 seconds of cd, but it has 6 arrows that do whatever damage, add another 2 seconds for 9 arrows that do X damage. each cd is added at like 25/50 dex.

I was playing with a love 42 genocidal ranger who destroyed the queen in less than 10 seconds and in the drop pool… I saw a crown
Edit: yep


what the ranger sees