Why I think Finishers should be in the game

Features of Finishers

-After two hits, let out a stronger third hit.

-Does double the total damage of three hits.

-Bigger hitbox than the first two slashes.

-Easily chainable with other attacks.

-And finally… Customizable. Such as… You can , instead of an overhead slash, make it Explosion: Do a heavy slash downwards, calling three orbs of light to circle around you and damage any enemy nearby, flinging them back afterwards.

Mind leaving ideas for what to add? Thanks!

I like how you are showing your personality on the forums, but the forums are supposed to be all serious. Just say Finishers for the title and thats it, just get straight to the point.


Just stop fighting with me. I am telling you the purpose and how to use the forums, not just trying to start an argument.

I’ll give you a tip.

Make your titles descriptive, like a short sentence summary of what your topic is about. It would make finding the topic easier since it would be a phrase that one could search for.

That way, users would not be misled by the topic and know what they will be reading.

Very bad title. The “Yeah, I said it. Finishers.” is unnecessary. This topic is also in the wrong category.

Like @Meta said, make your titles descriptive, like a short sentence that summarizes your topic.

Dude. I am gonna revoke this Forum. Don’t take it seriously. It’s gonna go down.

.-. How can I clear the Reply Log?

you can’t

Oh… .-. I wish I could, the Reply log is kinda offensive. .-.

not suprised

Don’t look at it as offensive, it’s meant to be constructive.

Oh, right… This is what I had in mind at the time, so…