Why I have to take boat when I can tp?

They should create a isle rune for 150s, or for ethyr, cause i hate waiting for the boat, or even having to walk to port.

  • Rune good idea please add it would make my day
  • Rune bad, trash, don’t do it

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I don’t think a rune would be made as i asked before for a forsaken rune and got this as a response:

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What is the “point” then?


then runes ruin the whole point… point=walking XD

ur just lazy lol

stamina :flushed:

chilled magma, what u doing here, i thought u busy grinding vesteria 24/7

Well i dont. I actually do other things gunmaster Gasps

says the one who pushed a lvl 35 to lvl 45 over thanksgiving

yeah, tbf moko island is great for xp kill like maybe 40 moglokos and u have more xp than sqr soooooo…

what’s tbf?

to be fair

never heard anyone use tbf b4

Forsaken is a HUGE source of money and xp, along with the top tier gear - literally the only tools that can be used for Barbarian and Knight.

I don’t think a change to the wayfarer would be coming at least until Whispering Dunes, and there’s no guarantee that Wispering won’t use the wayfarer too.

but if whipsering dunes uses the wayfarer too, how would choosing which way to go work

Port Fidelio >>>1 min>>> Forsaken Isle >>>2 mins>>>> Whispering Dunes

This is just a possibility, IDK what will actually be the placemap.

hmm, that means u can technically double dip with one ticket, cause u can go to forsaken for 5 minutes, and get on boat b4 leave, then u can go to dunes too…

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I mean we do need wayfarer as a money sink (ish) so creating a rune would remove the necessity of buying tickets causing more inflation

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considering berezaa is adding a lot of stuff not to benefit us, and just to make money, I think he would probably add a rune for robux, just like how he is going to implement dungeon keys for 100 robux.