Why I don’t agree with buffing every class but ranger

First, I want to make it very clear that I do not want the ranger to stay as the best class in the game by such a large margin. However, I don’t agree with buffing all the classes, and nothing else. The #1 reason players complain about rangers is because they come up while you are grinding (usually a boss) and destroy that thing before other players have a chance. Now, imagine for a second if every class had that power. A game is only fun because it it challenging, but if every class became as strong as a ranger suddenly, even the scarab, current strongest boss in the game, would become no more than a regular mob. However, I understand why the devs don’t want to nerf rangers, nerfing things tends to be hard to do well, and makes players less happy, as opposed to buffing which has been scientifically proven to make players happier. So my idea is to buff mobs as well. Make it so bosses are still a challenge, so there’s still that flair of adventure in the game. Make it so all players can’t one shot dust wurms with a regular attack. Make Vesteria have that exciting sense of challenge that I felt when I first logged on.

Or buff the mobs along with the other classes. Maybe not mobs you fight before you get your faction, but maybe level 30+ mobs would get buffed

This is my idea exactly. I don’t think classes should get nerfed, but mobs should be buffed with them

Rangers also lag people from shooting the sky as well too