Why Guilds Should Have a Rename Feature

Why Guilds Should Have a Rename Feature

Guilds should have a rename feature that allows you to rename your guild. There are two possible variations of this idea:

  1. You can only rename your guild for free once
  2. You can rename your guild as many times as you want - the first time is free, then it costs 1G/the price rises every time

When you try to rename your guild, you must confirm you want to rename your guild.

Who should be able to rename the guild?

Leaders. Only leaders of guilds should be able to rename their guild, since they have invested time in working towards a great guild. This is also so random members won’t destroy your guild by renaming it something else.

What would be the benefit of this feature?

Say you are making a guild, then your cat climbs on your keyboard just as you are creating your guild, thus typing on the keyboard and changing your guild name from something cool to something fjsensdkf. The rename feature would allow that person to fix their guild name without having to create a brand new guild. It could also be used if you leave Vesteria and come back 2 weeks later, and you are sick of your guild name. There are many uses.

Where would you be able to rename your guild?

Currently, since the guild UI is buggy, I would probably place the rename guild feature where you create guilds. When you look at the scroll about guilds, there would be an extra option saying ‘Rename guild’. You would then be shown a prompt telling you how much it would cost, or tell you that you need to be in a guild and lead it to rename it. Then, the renaming prompt would show up, then the confirm prompt.

Could exploiters use this in any harmful ways?

Exploiters could rename their guild to something else if someone else caught their guild exploiting. But, there is a way around this - every guild should have an ID in the code. If the guild’s ID was shown on the interface under a person along with the guild’s name, then you could tell Berezaa the ID instead of the name, which could have changed.



They should add this cuz I wonder if anyone questions why I joined a guild called p p gang

I do

It’s a small build that was asking for new members awhile back and since I wasn’t part of a guild at the time I joined. The guilds in game name is pp gang cuz the guild leaders intended name was censored so he panicked and typed in pp gang.

Okay, that makes sense.