Why forum and not Discord?

Just want know ;3

  • With love , Rod.
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ya discored would be a lot better, we should have a vote on were the info will go.

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The forum has a whole new system and It’s something really different to discord, It’s pretty cool to see how everything goes here, and it works pretty smoothly tbh, I think it works pretty well. I like it here.


Yes, I agree that the forum is very versatile, but it is a bit difficult to talk on the forum, we could have at least one discussion server in the discord to have a quicker conversation, of course, with the aim of debating something.

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Your right but the reply system takes too long so if u have a question you will have to wait like 10 hours to get a reply discord is just more convenient.

:black_small_square:I believe the reason to why they haven’t or will not open a chatroom for the discord server is perhaps due to the lack of accomdation of moderation that can be put onto the chatroom. There will be a ton of people chatting frequently and someone could ruin those aspects by trolling or spamming in the chatroom. The moderation team won’t be on all the time and they are still in the Incubator project phase. So perhaps a chatroom will be opened when Nov. comes as the game goes into paid access, but this is just solely my theory on this topic.


Maybe because of customizations. Also security I guess. Not to mention harder to raid and looks cooler. Discord is just overall nice though and not too hard to deal with. Not sure which I prefer

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I enjoy the forum for more structured setting. Community IN game, now that, is a fun way to chat.

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Yeah, talking in-game is overall a good time. I wish it was easier to stay in your friend’s server though.

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Ya, this is a thing…

Why not both? Both have their ups and downs.

I Agree Having Both Would Be Good.