Why F2P Vesteria Should Receive Party Quests

At the moment, I feel that f2p Vesteria isn’t as enjoyable as it could be.
I get that it’s almost like a testing ground for updates to p2p Vesteria while also being a mirror copy of Vesteria for those who don’t mind microtransactions in Roblox games (which is basically the majority of Roblox). However, I’m not a big fan of the anti party-quests in F2P. The game is already very grindy as it is, and has few quests. What makes up for the grinding, is the fun party quests. With a rework coming for Spider Abyss, and Forsaken Isle + Whispering Dunes getting their own party quests, this spices up the stale gameplay with fun things you can do. But f2p is just grinding (with maybe some short quests early-game then huge gaps between them) which is ridiculous because, correct me I’m wrong, the goal is for f2p Vesteria to make all the money, targeted towards players who don’t mind microtransactions, while p2p is just 0 microtransactions, for the more hardcore audience on Roblox. So why are party quests exclusive to the p2p version? Because some players paid between 25-299 robux for the game? P2p Vesteria isn’t even the version that is supposed to be making money, so what’s the point of putting resources into developing these quests if they don’t even contribute to Vesteria’s growth? I think party quests would draw in f2p players to keep playing the game, while also telling their friends about the game, “You should join this group, it gives you access to this fun game we can play together, I can help you out too.” or something like that. It would grow the audience, and maybe give Vesteria a bigger shot at reaching the front page. You could restrict the party quests, make them cost mushcoin or that key idea you had a while back, I don’t see the need too, but I think they should somehow make their way to f2p. I know this is a hot take as people realllly wanna see p2p do better than f2p because that’s where all their work is, going so far as going in f2p servers and telling players “BUY PREMIUM VESTERIA YOU GET MORE CONTENT”, but I don’t think f2p should be seen as a lackluster version of Vesteria, it should be seen as a mirror of Vesteria with microtransactions and be used to test upcoming updates. I know everyone sees party quests as a “privilege” for players who paid 299 robux for the game, I’m just confused to why they are still exclusive if p2p isn’t even going to be used to make money anymore.

Or, you could just buy the paid version.
Like you’re supposed to.

You’re not supposed too. The paid version is just a version for players who don’t like microtransactions in their video games. If you’re supposed too then why does f2p even exist?

The paid version is the true passion of berezaa.

The FREE version is the cashgrab he uses to FUND it.

I just don’t see anyone investing into the “cashgrab” version if it isn’t fun.

It’s not supposed to be the fun version, sorry

If it’s not fun why would players bother? People need to stop thinking F2P is just a lackluster demo of Vesteria and start thinking about it as a version of Vesteria where you’re able to pay to win. The game might as well be a lifeless simulator at that point because it’s not going to make money if it isn’t fun.

Most Simulators aren’t fun, yet the people who make them get thousands

I think you mean 25-800

F2P is smack dab in the middle of a massive overhaul. Let us finish what we’re doing before you definitively declare it unfun.

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Didn’t count alpha, dunno why but but doesn’t really matter. During beta phase it went from like 80, 400?, 25, 299.

I think free to play is basically advertisement for premium, the version where people can see if they will get their money’s worth when they buy premium. If party quests and such were implemented, what is the point of paying for premium? Free to play shouldn’t get nearly as much content as premium in my opinion, if you like the game just go buy premium.

Free to Play Vesteria is there for players who do not have the full game and a (semi) testing world to test the new updates with a large playerbase before they are released to the final version, the Pay to Play version is the final version, with more content and less bugs. Also if players want to play the proper game with subclasses, dungeons, and lv 30+ content, they have to buy it, there’s really not much point having a free game that is BETTER than the paid game, as there’d be no point to getting the paid game other than a beta tag or something. And, like Gaarbb said, its kind of an advertisement to the Pay to Play version, and is a ‘try-out’ game to see if you like it. If they like it, they buy the Pay to Play version, if they like it but don’t have money, they stay in Free to Play, with less content. If they don’t like it they just leave, and don’t have to waste 299R$.

tl;dr: F2P is for players without the premium game, or for people who want to test the earlier updates for bugs and stuff like that. There’s not much point having a paid game be worse than a free game.

I don’t think so. F2P is supposed to be making money that funds p2p, but who’s gonna spend their money on f2p when the stance is “just buy beta you get more content”. In the future, all P2P will be making is the robux earned from purchasing access (which I don’t think is much), as bounty book gamepass is already removed from the store tab and Eythr is being slowly pushed away. There’s a massive overhaul coming to f2p soon so I can’t really judge it now at the current state, but even after that will that still give players an incentive to spend money on f2p? I see beta as just you pay once you don’t get asked to or have to pay again. I’ve never seen a Roblox game do this, making 2 versions of their game, one for profits and on for passion, so I have no clue how this’ll end up turning out. Maybe berezaa can figure it out and people will purchase microtransactions even without party quests. Or players will constantly be warned by others “dont pay in or play f2p! just purchase beta you get party quests!” as that will be the main thing that separates the 2 versions (yes ik about the no level cap and no subclasses but subclasses will be a very loose term in beta in the future). Guess only time will tell.

F2P is supposed to be the version that makes money, not the version that makes you want to buy beta (unless you hate microtransactions). Who’s going to spend money on f2p when it’s constantly just “buy beta” and once they buy beta, Vesteria gets that small amount of money and that’s it. In the future I’m pretty sure f2p will receive lvl 30+ content just not the party quests. I’m not saying it has to be BETTER than the paid version, I think it should be like the paid version but filled with microtransactions, so if you want 0 microtransactions you purchase beta. I don’t like the idea of you buy beta for 0 microtransactions and for party quests, but it’s not my game. Maybe the massive overhaul will make up for the 0 party quests and make the game fun enough for certain players who’d like to purchase microtransactions to do so. Or it’ll forever be known as the cheap demo testing ground version of Vesteria and if you want the better experience buy beta instead of buying anything in f2p, and in that scenario Vesteria doesn’t receive much money.

Nice Essays To All :joy: :sweat_smile:

It’s not meant to be. It’s meant to be for a very specific audience, as berezaa stated previously “an audience that enjoys pay to win content”.

There are multiple possible reasons why the free version of Vesteria does not contain party quests.

One possible reason is that berezaa has stated that he feels that the beginning and middle portions of Vesteria are the better parts of Vesteria, and are more fleshed out, whereas middle-late and late game is seen as more of a “work in progress”.

Currently, once you hit around level 30-35 in the free version of Vesteria, you aren’t meant to continue grinding. Ironically, despite the infinite level cap, the free version has what could be considered an end-point, since to grind past there on sewers alone takes far more time.

For this reason, it’s possible that the absence of party quests is meant to dissuade players from continuing past the level 30/level 35 point, as at that point a player in the paid version will typically head to Forsaken Isle rather than continue to do party quests or farm in Nilgarf Sewers.

Another possible reason is that it is meant to draw players who may not enjoy the pay to win versions of Vesteria to the paid version of Vesteria, not only to avoid the microtransactions but also to progress further in the game and visit new areas which are inaccessible in the free version.

It’s in this regard that I feel the free to play version should (and most likely will) market itself more heavily as the “pay to win, not full experience” version of Vesteria, whereas the paid (or as it is currently being referred to as, the “premium”) version of Vesteria is seen as the complete experience with no microtransactions.

Either one or neither one of these possibilities may be “the” reason or “a” reason in which party quests are not included in the free version of Vesteria.

At this point, you could argue “why even bother updating the paid version with any new content at all if it’s not producing revenue for the Vesteria team?”. The answer is simple, and berezaa has said it himself. The premium version of Vesteria is berezaa’s vision of Vesteria, whereas the free version is used to make money.

Party quests would most likely help only a small amount with drawing players to Vesteria. For the most part, players don’t simply give up when they reach a party quest and they don’t have at least 3 of their friends online, instead they just pair up with other random players looking for a party.

Players recommend games they like to their friends and don’t recommend ones they don’t. Party quests aren’t going to be the tipping point for many players about whether or not Vesteria is a fun game, since by that point they will have most likely decided if they enjoy the game or not.

Free to play in concept is meant to be a version of Vesteria with less features. It’s not as if though subclasses, party quests and maps were removed unintentionally.


Well I typed this whole thing about each of your counters but after reading it through 5000 times I’ve come to the conclusion that if we were to introduce party quests to F2P the only incenctive to play P2P would be for 0 microtransactions, and lets be honest if that was the only selling point nobody would play P2P. Hopefully this massive overhaul that berezaa mentioned makes F2P Vesteria stand out from other F2P RPG games on Roblox. As my main concern was it not being “fun” as the game has little quests in general but lots of grinding, however I can imagine learning new abilities from subclass trainers and such will make it more fun and rewarding. I still believe that the thumbnails and description on F2P should be altered, as it’s kinda misleading. “An ambitious in-dev fantasy adventure game with monsters, bosses, dungeons, three factions, over a dozen unique maps, and hundreds of items. A challenging but fulfilling experience.” Apparently Forsaken Isle and Whispering dunes will be added to F2P eventually they just won’t include the party quests and after thinking about it for a while I’d prefer it that way.