Why don't I have enthusiast

title lol, I’ve been here for 10 days and I’m pretty sure I visited the forums each day

Go To Your Profile And You Have An Option For “Title”.

no I mean, check my badges I don’t have it

Remember The Bots Are Pretty Slow…

You have to visit 10 days in a row, not just 10 days total.

I know, but I think I have visited 10 days in a row.

You joined 13 days ago, but have only been on for 11 days, you probably missed a day somewhere in there.

Oof, I’m getting enthusiast in like a week if i keep up my activity.

I’m hopefully gonna get member tonight which is pretty cool.

EDIT: I just got it, heck yea! First normal person to get member!

To Me Tabithaa Got Member First.

A lot of people already had member, they were just given it instead of meeting the requirements for it.

I Know, I Managed To Read 7d As 7h 3 Hours Ago. So I Read You Got It 6h Agos Whilst Tabithaa Got It 7h Ago…