Why don't hunters dash and warriors double jump --- hunters are slow

Why don’t hunters dash and warriors double jump — hunters are slow. it makes me feel so slow

We plan on adding a new ability to Hunters, not quite sure what we’ll call it, but it will allow them to dash. They can also dash through enemies to deal damage to them in a line.

Appreciate it, sir.

I think as the description of the dexterity is said, the points in DEX will make the hunter faster, I am waiting for the updates, surprise us!

If you haven’t figured out a name yet maybe it could be called “flash step” or something along those lines. Would the animation be kind of like a teleport, a super fast leap/jump/step, or a roll?

@saintdude I understand but Hunters should be fast in agility, mabye. But warriors are tanks it would be pretty over powered if warriors can just dive out of situation already on how tanky they are now.

Hmmm… flash step, or… shadow leap.

Shadow leap sounds very cool.

I thought that but destiny took the cool idea “shade step”. “Shadow leap” sounds pretty much like the same thing. Then again it’s all depending on the dodge/dash animation.

Make a shunpo or sonido :rofl::rofl: weeb

Shunpo also sounds really cool.

“flash feint” could be a doge, and then “shunpo slash/stab (whatever works)” could be an offensive maneuver

You can also implement ranged weapons for the hunter, (with limited range ofc) and have shoot through skills, otherwise, I support Shadow Leap and Shunpo.

We’re not entirely sure on the implementation just yet, but Hunters will be able to use Bows and have an Archer/Ranger subclass.

That sounds cool, as you’re putting a choice into how you be a hunter.

DEX doesn’t increase speed, it increases your stamina.

Which Indirectly Increases Overall Speed As You Can Sprint For Longer.