Why delaying the release date was a good thing

Before everyone gets super angry at the date getting delayed, let me tell you why this is a good thing.

  1. The game was pretty unbalanced. Right now the warriors had way more content than the other classes, with the mages having next to nothing going for them. Having an extra week will allow them to add more things for hunters and mages, or at least new weapons and armor. Plus, this will allow them to maybe add more content, like a new monster or monster balancing that they couldn’t have ready for release otherwise.

  2. It gives them more time. I know this is basically 1, but hear me out. The devs most likely spend a ton of time trying to fix the hitbox bug, and with that out of the way they actually have time to do something else.

3. Uhhhhhhh… my birthday was next weekend so I wouldn’t have time to play.

  1. Yea, all I have is 1, but letting them have more time to get stuff down before alpha is always a good thing, okay?

LOL i agree with number 3 i wouldn’t be able to play either super hyped and unhyped it got pushed back

Oh and happy early birthday Yuji

Happy early birthday! I guess that delay was sort of a gift to you.

Not Sure It Works Like That.

Happy birthday from the future and good points!

I’de be happy with it being delayed a month so i could enjoy a truly good game and not spoil any new content, just getting small updates… i’de rather start off with a big game, but at the same time this is good so we can tell the devs what we think and how to improve

Happy early birthday!

Happy early birthday :partying_face:

Happy Birthday! (uhhh tomorrow I guess?)