Why can cursed give +2

Cursed scrolls giving +2 is fricking dumb
like greats do the same thing so why do cursed?
It really sucks when you get a +2 on an item since you literally risked the items life and got the same reward as a great.

What I want to change is that cursed scrolls do not give the +2 chance at all.
Sure I guess this may mean increasing the fail but not explode chance but I’m fine with that since +2’s are easy to get anyways.
Literally just get rid of +2
If you think it should be and option to get from cursed scrolls then tell me why since I think it’s just an idea that “fits” with the idea of a cursed scroll but in gameplay it’s pointless since you already have a scroll that is safer and does the same thing with a higher chance.

Or just remove great scrolls I guess. It would make +2’s technically “better” by making them harder to get

I just don’t like +2’s on cursed. Too much risk, Not a good reward, and if you get it on a piece of armour it’s super annoying since you can’t just spam ancients on it to make it good.

Alright let me know what you think

I would say increase the chances for it to be red, if you’re looking for a solution. This would make it so the highest chance will be red, lowest for golden, and sitting in the middle is purple. The reason for +2 (purple) is a balance really. There is the fact that it can blow up, but if you’re always getting +3 or +4 is a bit silly because its basically using an ancient with a tiny chance to blow up and a higher chance to work, meaning ancients would be practically useless.

What i’m saying is +2 is to balance it out, and possibly red chances could be increased.
hi chief

that just punishes you more for getting a +2 though
like, you got lucky, but in a bad way
unlucky (bruh)

like when you got a mogloko mask instead of a moglo mask
sure it’s good
but it’s not what you wanted
+2 isn’t even good

+2 is actually good, it’s still benefiting you. Many people say they use the greats as a placeholder, and its about as good as a great. It’s true that it’s giving you not much of a reward for the risk, but then again the risk is only 20% to explode as far as I know. It will still benefit you, but not as much. (60% is success, 20% is explode, other 20% is not effect it but fail)

Eh I’d rather have it fail than give +2
since that’s what greats are for
failing is like “fricking heck at least it didn’t explode :/.”
+2 is like “I just spent 200 silver on a great >:C.”

maybe a +2 cursed could give the next cursed a 0% of getting a 2 again idk
+2 cursed just suck >:C and sure they make sense to exist there but it’s annoying when you get it

They should make holy scrolls increase odds. Happy?
Also to finish, your opinion is your opinion.

this post is more a rant because I got a +2
holy’s are fine since they don’t really do anything bad (would still like them to change though)
fricking frick cursed +2’s tho

The main point of cursed scrolls is high rewards, but also bad rewards. Curse scrolls were meant to be risky, so adding the factor that it can break weapon/armor, and give +2 makes it balanced. A curse scroll is 60% succeed, and it has a chance to give +4, which is basically a 60% ancient scroll, which is pretty OP.

Well, the chance of getting +4 is 10%, so still lower than an ancient scroll. At least its much likes likely to fail entirely though, and its the only way of getting +3 or +4 on armor.

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i think the 60% chance actually balances, i’d rather get +2 or +3 then get nothing from a failed ancient

bro I got megaphone instead of moglo mask… 4 times smaller chance than a mask

off topic bruh

also aren’t ancients supposed to give +3 and berezaa just hasn’t changed it yet?

or are they gonna stay +4

Yes, it just hasn’t been changed yet.

ok good to know