Why berezaaaaa why

Ok so im sad now heres why

I took a break from grinding at 27 planing to get 30 later and im a full intel mage and when I come back theres a update that just made grinding 10000x harder! :rage:

This update decreased spawn rates of spider a lot and makes it so you have to run or walk around to even get close to the exp you could get before this is a stupid idea and limits mages yet again! This is bc as a mage you dont really but anything into Dexterity but now its needed to grind which is absolutely stupid! Well to clarify you need it to overlevel as grinding isnt that hard if you going to the recommended level.

I hope this gets fixed or stamina is added as you level up till it caps at a point because if it doesnt cap then your gonna have tons of stamina later but ya im as fast as a grandma and it sucks. I hope there can be some change here @berezaa

It was worse, he now made spiders spawn a little faster and its not really that hard to get from level 27-30 probably like 6 hours in total of grinding

Wayyy more than 6 hours for me

What I dont think people understand about this game is level 30 will not be the level cap for the entire game. The point of the game isn’t going to be use spiders to grind. The climb to level 15 was incredibly smooth. Didn’t feel to grindy and kept the player engaged, that being said. Any leveling done after 20 WONT BE DONE ON SPIDERS. spiders are in reality a very low level mob. There will be higher level mobs. So for everyone complaining about the spider spawns you need to look at the game as a whole and not as it is version 1.0.7. Becuase berezaa sees the game as a whole and is building it as such.

That being said. There is going to be a wipe when the game goes live, Im sure of it. In some form there is gonna be a wipe. So everyone crying about scrolls and how “bad” the spider spawns are get ready to cry more. Btw I love the new spider spawns and the direction the game is going, and am eager to watch to grow and become what it cane be.

  1. us nolifes want to hit level 30

  2. data reset will only happen if necessary, for example if there is an extremely abused exp glitch

What ArcaneFxre said :point_up_2: lol


Don’t even worry about grinding to level 30 as new content will be filling it in to make that MUCH easier. If you have no life, then that’s your choice for having no life. Don’t complain to the forums about your loss of grinding when the intention of the game is not that. (And yes, data will very likely be wiped on release, this is even stated by Ber)
^nevermind, i was told fake news; but nonetheless

Also… That’s kind of on you for going full INT. Intelligence is most definitely mage’s prime stat but if you go FULL int and not invest a single point anywhere else, you are bound to have major flaws in anything that isn’t intelligence related. My mage has 7 dex and tbh it works just fine. Just throw in a couple points towards other stuff, it won’t hurt your mage’s precious IQ that bad.


What? Ber hasn’t said anything about wiping data at release. In fact, he did say when the game releases that he will raise the level cap and we will have a headstart

Well if that’s the case then I was told fake news. No surprise

ya as far as I know the devs have said that there will be no data wipes after Beta unless absolutely necessary.

(and quite honestly right now I wouldn’t mind a data wipe just so I could play the game more lol)

Id be cool with a data wipe too so I can rebuild my stats since I learned more about the classes and stuff

Alright then. scratch off that point of my argument. I still stand by the concept that grinding is your choice and that content will be filled in - that will get us to level 30 easier and maintain our headstart. To hit level 30 now is fine; but do realize that complaining about your inability to hit level 30 isn’t a flaw with the game’s ‘grind’, it’s because there’s literally 0 content about going beyond level 20. The idea behind it is that you don’t need to grind for 3 days in the first place; after all, leveling up to 15 happens real fast. It’s going beyond that is where the grinding happens.

ya that is completely true no content past lvl 20-24-ish yet.

It’s true I haven’t read anything official on data wipes, as ber shouldn’t say anything “official” at this point, its too early in development. I’m expecting the beta to be released summer 2019, so hopefully, the full game can be released the following winter or spring. The benefits of a data wipe from a gameplay standpoint is

It starts everyone on even ground
and paired with that is making it fair if there was a mechanic or glitch that allowed for faster leveling more loot better drop rates and things like that

benefits of a soft reset or no reset are the original backers will be happy that their work paid off, and depending on the community having some higher levels to help the lower levels are a good idea as long as there isnt a MASSIVE gap in the players i.e. all the alpha players are level 90 when the game comes out so they never interact with the noobs.

Berezaa has managed games before (AM and HM most prominently) and this is going to be a learning period for him on what he thinks is fair and its gonna be a good experience for us players as well.

TL:DR Im curious in the coming months what berezaa will decide about data wipes

I’d be fine with a wipe, alpha players will get a reward. (Most people are saying a golden stick, or 2x exp)

I think 2x exp would be way OP lol, golden stick would be awesome though!

If the reward is 2x more exp than I’m somewhat fine with the wipe.

great words have been spoketh in this thread

edit: as for these words:

we won’t wipe unless we absolutely have to. The plan is to expand the level cap when we release, not to wipe data.


there should be a scroll or something to reset the stats… I saw this in many games… it’s an important item… characters should be flexible… if you want to test another build etc… reseting your stats is vital.

Will the level cap be rose drastically? Say beta level cap was 50. Would the full release make it 70?