Why are you doing this to warlock?

So i was reading through the warlock’s “Vitality Pillage” adjustment and Boy am i peeved.

  • Pillage Vitality :emblem_mage:
    • No longer automatically aims for you
    • Has more reliable aiming mechanics
    • Damage from 1 -> 2.5 to 0.5 -> 1.25
    • Healing from 35 -> 105 to 15 -> 50
    • Now fires two bolts at rank 5 and three bolts at rank 10
      What the hell is this? Stop!

So i see the first two and i think it’s fine. Those were actual needed updates tha-
** - Damage from 1 -> 2.5 to 0.5 -> 1.25**
** - Healing from 35 -> 105 to 15 -> 50**
and my only question is Why?
why would you further nerf warlock’s vitality pillage? A move never worth using to begin with? This is dumb. I’d be fine with the update because of this here guy:

  • Now fires two bolts at rank 5 and three bolts at rank 10
    But you went ahead and nerfed early warlock too! Why!? the warlock of the early levels is already so bad! And yet you nerfed it! It’s so much harder to level up with warlock than any other mage subclass. This was so uncalled for! vit pillage was already outclassed by all of the normal mage’s moves, and the other mage sub’s moves! Late warlock needed some buffing but he was fine! but early warlock did NOT warrant a nerf at all! Even with sim blasting with you, vitality pillage could only take 1/4 of the healthbar from a moko! something a single magic bomb could obliterate! It takes forever to level up as early warlock, yet you lock the only possible reedeming quallity of it’s main move behind lv 5!. upon obtaining warlock, you have 1 point. Assuming you spend it on pillage, it would take until lv 34 to get it to lv 5. But pillage without simulacrum is complete junk because of the nerf! what are you going to do with it? leveling up to 5 is going to be hell compared to trying to level a sorcerer. and if you want to get sim, you now would realize that it is STILL useless and now you have to level up to 36 to get lv 5 vit pillage. I hate this.

the best solution is to do this

  • Damage from 1 -> 2.5 to 1 -> 1.25.
    • Healing from 35 -> 105 to 35 -> 50.
      This merges much better as it starts off atleast usable, and then since it slows progression by lv 5, the damage will probably fit with the extra bolts.
      I may have messed up on some points here but that’s because i’m just infuriated

Seems good! Warlocks need some love, this update felt like more of a rework than a buff for them.

I kind of agree, I’m a 35 at the moment warlock and I don’t use my pillage unless I can set up in one area (like SQR boss room) and take advantage of the double hits. At least the damage and healing stays similar if you hit 2 bolts, plus you can duplicate it from your simulacrum so this overall ends up helping later dmg.

I think it would also help, even allowing the numbers to be kept low, if the multiple bolts unlocked earlier, like 2 bolts unlocking at lvl 3 instead of 5 for example.

We did it boys, Warlock nerf is no more. Hopefully.

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well ill be damned
nice one ber

Well, here ya go! A happy ending!

yea Terulian mages need loves too not just Vesra mages