Why are we still up

Its literally 12:00 am for me and it would mean its Christmas day and I see that @acurtisdietz, @Devolutioner, @Meta, @TheOfficialSin, @LeSamton, @ArcaneFxre, @BenD101, @Optimicdomino, @Vult, and @Bean602 are still up.
So that would mean that we can celebrate Christmas early or late depending on what time it is for them.
Let’s have a dinner!

Why does everyone have to keep joining at the last minute, I’m running out of room D:


aw frick, I forgot @Devolutioner

Apparently we’re not inviting devo

I literally rushed to make this so I gotta edit it

Ok there, @Devolutioner is right next to me very small.

I’m here also but I was on a different tab :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Both reactions

I literally have to add you now

Merry Christmas

Ok, hahaha guys, everyone doesnt have to join now.

Pass me the salt please @Bean602

gives jar of sugar

Omg @Optimicdomino and @Vult why do you have to join at this moment, now I have to add you ;-;

a jar of sugar? Are you blind

add us to what?

this dinner

tssk tssk… these ppl cant arrive on time to save their lives. (also the jar of sugar was on purpose ;P)

wow ok rude

If anyone else joins, they gonna get shot and they wont make it.