Why a Data Wipe isn't Necessary and is a Bad Idea

(This isn’t some pointless poll or an attempt at a mega thread, so please don’t close. This is a long post that wouldn’t be seen in the current mega thread, and I really want to express my opinion. The points I bring up are my opinion, so feel free to discuss and counter my points. This will mainly be addressing the economy and the player count.)

I personally think that a wipe would be a horrible idea. Looking from a both consumer and corporate view, I think it’d be a horrible idea. These are some reasons why I think a wipe would be a horrible idea.

The Player Count

If a wipe was confirmed, the current player base would drop significantly due to there being no reason to grind or even play through the game. After the wipe (if it were to happen), the player base would take another large hit, leaving it to a couple hundred players maybe.

The Economy

When people say “a data wipe will fix the economy crisis” I think that is just completely false. The economy is mainly broken due to poor decisions on the development team, and hackers. Poor decisions can be fixed (i.e., ToD) but hackers cant. A data wipe wont fix hackers getting lots of gold. To fix it, you have to get to the center, and I dont know how the dev team would do it, but there is most likely a way to do so. A data wipe wont erase hackers breaking the economy again and again, it will just be an unnecessary step that wont do any good.

The Payment

To all the people who say “the loyal supporters will stay” and things like that, I think you are forgetting the fact that the Vesteria team is a company. They are a company that are developing Vesteria, and to develop Vesteria, they need players. They need to get earnings to pay workers and continue developing. With such a huge drop, I personally think that the team will either work in living hell, trying to push an update or just completely give up. Vesteria is a job for them, and without money, they cant live or develop the game.

The Future

If the community does vote in majority for a wipe, I think ultimately, it will lead to even slower updates and content droughts. That will leave the community hungry and annoyed that they are not getting anything new, and players leaving the game. This will create a seemingly endless cycle of people leaving and getting upset to the point where the game will die out. And I dont want to see that happening, so I think the development team should just look ahead into the future and see that in the end, this will be a bad idea.

So these are some points I would say are the biggest reasons why a data wipe would be really bad, feel free to discuss more on the forums or in dm’s. My discord is LeafyChicken/LifeTroller369#0127.

tldr; the data wipe would make the game dead because of a lack of reason to play the game. the data wipe wont affect hackers, which are the main reason for the broken economy. the data wipe will cause a serious lack of funding for the dev team. the data wipe will cause the game to die out eventually in the future.

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I find it quite ironic that Berezaa promised to not do a wipe and now out of the blue he is.

yeah, but he did say that it was just a check on how the community feels and that if data wipe was a thing, it wouldnt be coming in the near future.

Everything I’ve done ever since March, when I joined…
is gone.

oml stop making posts

I completely agree with this (at least the TL;DR) for why we shouldn’t have a wipe. At least stop the exploiters and fix most glitches so the economy won’t be screwed up again, then a wipe would be reasonable.

sorry, but my points wont be seen on the mega thread, people are too lazy to read and reply, so i just made my own topic. it isnt low effort or anything.

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Im glad to know somebody agrees with my points.

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just wipe my 5 months of progress go ahead

I agree. Exploiters are a big problem on Vesteria, and they are something that needs to be dealt with first.

Also, another concern I have with this data wipe is that the level grind is much tougher than it used to be, especially on later levels. I already found it painful enough getting to Level 30 a few months ago, farming on Snels for hours a day. Imagine that being tougher…

just wipe peoples almost a years worth of progress

While I appreciate your post, you essentially took up 4 paragraphs and an entire new thread just to say “vesteria will lose players if the wipe happens” and didn’t really present any new view points or original ideas. This should have just been a reply to an existing thread and not a brand new post.