Who's Hyped for a Release Soon?

I definitely am.


Same, I’m extremely hyped too.

I Have A Similar Opinion.

I am for sure~! :+1::grin:

That’s The Attitude!

Here’s a little poll. Both are possibilities and there’s a bit of proof of it coming this weekend on the Berezaa games discord sooo…

  • I think the game will open Friday or this weekend.
  • I think the game will open next week’s weekend.

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Hella hyped.

Same, I really hope it isn’t delayed until next week again. That’d be pretty depressing.

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Is it confirmed that where getting it this friday/saturday?

Berezaa said that they are “shooting to” this weekend, so hopefully. I can’t guarantee if it’s confirmed tho.

Did they find an animator for their monster design?

Who knows? They probably did, otherwise they would need more time to prepare for PA by finding an animator.