Who's got the best equipment?

I was browsing the Vesterians discord channel on discord.gg/ber and I saw someone with an epic item. They got three ancient scrolls to work on a Bronze Mace. This got me thinking… who has the best item in the game?

Share a screenshot of your item, and tell us what scrolls you used on it!


Idk im only lvl 10

i basically got nothing lmao

2 Ancient scrolls, 1 Failed Ancient scroll, 4 Great Scrolls.
I got extremely lucky.

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Better question, do you play Vesteria on an Alt Account?!

You should take a picture and post it on here. That’s what this topic is about isn’t it?

2 ancient scrolls whoop

Use a snipping tool. I use a program called Lightshot.


2 Ancient, 3 Great, 1 failed ancient, 1 failed great.

My Tomahawk - Has 2 Ancient, like 2-3 Great and 3-4 normal on it because I didn’t realize how rare it was to get 2 ancients on a weapon when I put scrolls on it. :disappointed_relieved:


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2 ancient, 2-3 great, 3-4 normal? that clearly doesnt add up to 7.

2+2+3 = 7

I mean that it either has 2 great and 3 normal or 3 great and 2 normal.

2 10% and 4% 70 scrolls since i failed one of them :S

I got the best equipment, no screenshots needed to prove so…

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a Lot of people have a 2x Ancient weapon since 1% is more then you think. (i have a 2x ancient bronze mace that does 98 damage)

but 3x ancient weapons? now THAT costs some money