Who's buying the beta?

Well, as he said in the post, they may go free in the far, far, future, the 1k robux is mainly to just help support them as they develop it, I’m sure that when the game is ready for a full release, it won’t be for 1k robux, or it would be just free.

I would appreciate this be moved to the forum where he is asking about the pricing. The reason I also posted it here is because you explicitly stated “buying the beta”. Rather, there will be no beta pre-access to buy, just the whole game itself at that point. It wouldn’t do to not mention it somewhere on this thread however.

I’m sure that the “november” part was changed to 2 weeks, but they didn’t update it.

I Really Don’t Understand How People Keep Calling It “Paid Access Alpha” Or Something Along Those Lines.

Not as many people no-life the forums like me, you, yuji, and a few others do.

Don’t Forget Avoiided/Tyler. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, it’s still confirmed to be paid access

Glad to see my thread is the top rn

Def buying gonna wreck you all in pvp and grinding >:) !!!

Challenge accepted.

lol see you there

PvP, maybe, but Grinding? dude I’m so sick of sb2 I have no life, bring it on

I replied to myself because I forgot to put “See you there!”. Sorry if there’s an edit feature here, I’m just a newbie and I don’t know a lot of stuff.

Yea see you there!

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